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Aren't consultants expensive?


Using a consultant can be expensive when looking at that expense alone instead of in context. Consider the cost of the consultant as compared to your loss of productivity because serious, lingering or nagging technology problems are not getting solved.

Also consider the experience of the consultant, and their experience with nonprofit business or schools. Consultants who serve the business world may not be well versed in academic issues, or the flow of an academic calendar. Consultants who serve the business world may not be attuned to the funding and manpower realities of a nonprofit organization.

Since NPC Consulting works exclusively with K–12 education and non-profit organizations, we are sensitive to budgetary needs of these communities.

As a small organization, NPC Consulting does not have a large overhead to support. Hence, we price our services highly competitively in order to provide quality service at affordable rates.

NPC Consulting fees are strictly hourly-based. For training, this means no per-seat fee. We will work with you to design training sessions to meet your specific need in your own environment, and for the number of people you need to train, from 1 to “lots.”

Fixed-price contracts are often heavily padded to cover myriad unforeseen situations. For this reason, at NPC Consulting, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to estimate work based on an assessment of your true needs, and then bill based only on time-and-materials.

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