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Sharon Meyers


I have worked in the computer industry since my college days, in the mid-1970's. I started as a software engineer working with embedded systems, moved to real time systems and application programming. Along the way I took up the cause of software quality and usability, and spent the next several years in software and systems quality engineering, eventually moved into engineering management.

After about 20 years in the computer industry, I opted for a career change. I earned my Masters in Instructional Technology, and entered the education field, first as a classroom teacher, followed by promotions to Department Chair and Director of Technology. My volunteer activities reinforce my interest in helping schools and non-profit organizations resolve their technology planning, audits, staff development, and , in schools, technology-curriculum integrations.

My background includes

Memberships (Back)

  • FileMaker TechNet
  • CUE, Inc., Calfornia
  • I-CUE SV (Silicon Valley chapter of CUE) — Past president, past secretary, conference volunteer
  • ISTE
  • ACM, local chapter
  • IEEE, past member
  • Faculty, Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College

Staff Development (Back)

  • Instructor for Foothill College Krause Center for Innovation, specializing in basic computer education for teachers and the Microsoft Office products. Through Foothill college, I have taught at the college, RAFT, at numerous school sites in the Bay Area.
  • Taught "Microcomputers in Education," a graduate-level course for pre-service teachers at San Jose State University Department of Instructional Technology (College of Education), San Jose, CA
  • Designed and taught teacher in-service workshops in numerous areas, including
    • Introduction to Networking and Servers
    • E-mail Use and Ethics
    • Internet Background, Web Searching, and Ethics
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Database Use (FileMaker Pro)
    • Multimedia (HyperStudio, HyperCard)
    • School Management Software (SASIxp )
    • Grade Book Software

Papers, Workshops and Conference Presentations (Back)

  • Wired for Good – Designed and presented workshops on Business Strategies and Processes, Technology Planning, and Budgeting for Technology
  • CUE Conferences (Computer Using Educators) – PowerPoint in the Classroom, Using PowerPoint as a Springboard to MultiMedia, Designing an Internet-Based Collaborative Curriculum, Collaborative projects with global connections,
  • Pacific Rim Technology Conference (featured presentation) , SSATB Conference, CAIS Annual Conference – Co-speaker on Collaborative Internet-Based International Project, a project for 6th graders utilizing a shared curriculum with a Japanese sister school to study environmental science
  • Teachers Helping Teachers (Silicon Valley conference by and for teachers) – Everything You Wanted to Know About Fonts, PowerPoint as a Springboard to MultiMedia
  • AECT, San Jose chapter – Education-Business Partnerships, a panel discussion
  • N-TEN Technology Conference for Nonprofits – Panel on Data Security and HIPPA

Classroom Teaching Experience (Back)

  • Taught computer literacy and computer skills to Kindergarten through 8th graders, designing all my own curricula and lessons.
  • Taught introduction to programming to 7th and 8th graders.
  • Taught Internet skills to 6th graders.
  • Designed all my own curricula, lesson plans, and materials.

Instructional Design (Back)

  • Developed cohesive, comprehensive English, Science, and Technology curricula for independent K–5 school based on CA Content Standards, ERB testing rubric (for writing), and National Standards, including NETS. Deployed standards as a searchable databases for easy reference by staff and others
  • Pre-NETS, developed comprehensive Technology curriculum for K–8 independent school.
  • Designed semester long middle courses for K–8 independent school in the following areas
    • Introduction to Programming, including an introduction to the principles of engineering (7th and 8th grade)
    • Introduction to Multimedia Authoring and Production (7th and 8th grade)
    • Introduction to Web Page Authoring (7th & 8th grade)
    • Video Production From Scripting to Final Edit and Credits (7th and 8th grade)
    • Using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to design and pitch a new business (8th grade)
    • Using MS Word the Right Way (7th grade)
  • Co-authored a comprehensive 6th grade technology- and Internet-based curriculum for a collaborative environmental science curriculum, called the "Our Trees" project, implemented with a sister school in Japan. Project was started in 1994 and is still running.
  • Wrote individual lessons for "Our Trees"
  • Co-authored a comprehensive LaserDisc (30 minutes of video clips) and HyperCard product on the Monarch butterfly
  • Wrote an activity book for kindergartners to explore Swedish culture
  • Designed and delivered a "Teaching Adult Learners" workshop for Santa Clara Unified School District's Educational Options
  • Designed and taught seminars to engineers in Software Development Methodology, Software Quality Assurance Methodology, Software Test, Software Inspection Methodology, Testing Software for Global Markets

Education Technology Administration (Back)

  • As Director of Technology for The Harker School, responsible for both technology infrastructure and instructional technology functions, including
    • Technology budget (up to $1M at the time of my departure)
    • School-wide technology purchasing
    • Managing technical support team of support techs and network manager
    • Technology infrastructure growth and planning, including network and infrastructure design for expansion to second school site
    • Implemented server-based database for problem reporting and tracking
    • Staff development
    • Teacher support for technology use in the classrooms
  • Advised team of 5th to 8th grade students who designed and maintained their school's website as an "after school" project
  • Wrote integrated technology curriculum for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade, before NETS was available
  • Set technology department educational goals
  • Classroom observation and review of teacher performance

Engineering Management (Back)

  • VP Engineering for a startup company designing user-customized video-on-demand, including initial hiring, engineering budget, user interface design and system design for prototype
  • Built Software Quality Assurance departments from the "ground up" at three companies
  • Managed product quality assurance for successful release of two major personal computer applications
  • Project scheduling and tracking for testing of large software applications
  • Interviewing, hiring, performance evaluations, and personnel actions

Software Engineering (Back)

  • Fluent in a wide variety of Macintosh and Microsoft Windows applications
  • Implemented software in several languages, both high level and assembler
  • Taught classes on software process, project standards, testing
  • Participated on IEEE Standards Committee for Software Test Documentation

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