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K–12 Curriculum Integration Support


We work with school staff to develop an appropriate profile of convergence of four primary factors for your curriculum objectives, available tools, and current or planned staff proficiencies with these available tools.

Four Curriculum Integration Factors

Successful curriculum integration results with a convergence of four factors.
Without fully engaging all four, curriculum integration can be an elusive goal.

Technology Curriculum

Assess your technology curriculum
in relation to subject matter content
standards and available tools

Recommend enhancements to
current technology curriculum

Develop a technology curriculum
if you do not have one

Subject Matter

Re-purpose existing lessons

Facilitate workshops to develop
new lessons and strategies that
better serve educational goals within
a technology framework

Conduct a cross-curricular analysis, with
staff participation, to identify opportunities
for multi-subject integration

Conduct staff assessment to determine
strengths in use of available tools

Provide staff training in use of current
tools, or in use of planned acquisitions

Facilitate staff workshops to devise
classroom equipment & time management
strategies to facilitate equal access

Staff Proficiencies

Assess current tool box—hardware,
software, and other devices available
for student use

Research appropriate new tools for



Available Tools


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