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Professional Development
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Improved Productivity is achieved with

Goal Oriented Curriculum
that meets your needs using your tools in your environment

Task Oriented Training
addresses for your specific needs in your environment using your equipment and software

Technology-Curriculum Integration
provides real world marriage of technology use, curriculum requirements, teacher skill, and local environment

Why Choose NPC for Professional Development
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We do not charge a per-student fee! NPC provides all services on an hourly time-and-materials—this includes training! We charge per hour of classroom or training time and time invested in special preparation. This means that if you need to train 15 people for 3 hours how to use the same features of a program, you pay for 3 hours, not for 15 people.

Training need not be "canned!" The training you purchase is developed to meet your needs, delivered on-site in your environment using your software and hardware tools. Because your employees are in familiar territory, they can focus on learning new skills instead of on how to use an unfamiliar computer or network setup.

Use equipment and software you are familiar with! We don't force you into using a particular type of computer, operating system or version of software that you don't already use, or never intend to own.

An Example

A local training provider charges $40/head for a 3-hour course in basic word processing, it will cost you $600! Further, you don't need the whole basic course, but just parts of it. Your staff already knows the fundamentals. But, you still pay for the parts you don't need. Finally, you need to go to their site—and likely use computers, an operating system version and a version of that word processor that you don't own. So, you pay that $600 for material you don't need using equipment and software your staff won't be using back in the office.

Professional Development Services
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  • Recommend or develop skill-assessment instruments
  • Conduct skill assessments and analyze results
  • Develop a viable professional development strategy for all user skill levels, from novice to advanced
  • Develop training curricula to meet training needs based on skill assessment, your environment and available tools
  • Develop specific lessons and documentation
  • Deliver training in a format best suited to your needs
    • Hands-on classroom or lab-style workshops
    • Small group, seminar style, strategically focused tanning
    • Targeted individual training for special services or needs
    • Private tutoring
  • Train the Trainer model with documented curriculum outline and lesson plans
  • Recommend 3rd party training sources for standard subject-matter workshops

A Sampling of Topics
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We have delivered Professional Development on a wide array of topics, including (but not limited to) those listed below.

  • Microsoft Office
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Integrated Office Features
    • Fundamentals
    • Selected Features
    • Advanced Features
  • E-Mail Skills and Etiquette
    • For staff
    • For teachers
    • For students
    • Outlook/Outlook Express (Mac/Win)
    • Entourage
    • Mac OS X Mail/iAddress
  • Internet Skills
    • IE/Safari/Netscape
    • Research skills
    • Intelligent browsing
    • Information analysis and evaluation
    • Bibliographic citation
    • Ethics and safety
    • Website design and authoring
  • FileMaker Pro
    • Using 3rd party database solutions
    • Making custom layouts and reports
    • Data export and import between databases
    • "Mail Merge" for form letters
    • Creating simple databases
  • Multimedia/Hypermedia
    • Multimedia vs Hypermedia basic concepts and usage
    • Evaluating media
    • Media authoring tools and concepts
  • Computer and Network Basics
    • Using MS Windows (all versions)
    • Using Mac OS X
    • Network design principles for the lay person
    • Network skills for the end user
    • Basic troubleshooting for the novice
    • Basic network maintenance for the "accidental techie"
  • Windows and Macintosh system administration
    • End user training in all features
    • SASI system administrator training
    • Setting up custom queries
  • Supporting Tech Support
    • How to set up a Help Desk
    • Defining a user support strategy
    • Define and implement a trouble reporting process and escalation path
    • Developing an Acceptable Use Policy
  • Technology budgeting for success

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