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My many volunteer activities with technology in schools fostered a desire to work with schools on their technology needs on a full time basis. I started NPC Consulting in 1995 to turn this idea into reality. Very quickly I recognized similar affinity for non-profits, and expanded my business mission to serve this segment as well.

I have worked in the computer industry since my college days, in the early-1970's. My career as a software engineer has included writing software for such diverse systems and applications as OCR and high quality film processing, distributed microprocessor systems for PBX application (Nortel Meridien®), presentation graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint®), and microprocessor performance testing utilizing application-based workloads. In addition, I have done extensive work in network design and implementation, server setup and configuration, and technology planning.

Highlights of my career include

Memberships & Certifications (Back)

  • SASIxp Certified
  • SASI User Group
  • CUE, Inc., Calfornia
  • I-CUE SV (Silicon Valley chapter of CUE)
  • ACM, past member
  • IEEE, past member

Network Planning and Design (Back)

  • Experienced with a wide range of protocols including TCP/IP, AppleTalk, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, 802.2
  • Designed campus LAN's and multi-site WAN's
  • Specified and planned router and switch equipment for LAN's and WAN's
  • Configured Cisco routers and switches
  • Designed and implemented IP address schemes
  • Designed and implemented Windows NT/2000 domain plans
  • Network monitoring for capacity planning and troubleshooting
  • Reviewed and evaluated wiring contractor proposals for new construction, as well as add-ons to existing networks

Management (Back)

  • Have operated my own company since 1995
  • Managed the Technology Plan Review process for Wired For Good Initiative, including training reviewers, organizing review sessions, and meeting with non-profit clients to provide feedback
  • Managed groups developing LAN and integrated voice-data software
  • Coordinated multi-site development projects
  • Project scheduling and coordination for OS development project and the OS clients
  • Project scheduling and coordination for network infrastructure
    • Conversion from shared to switched network
    • Implementation of VLAN's
    • Migration of server platforms (e.g. Novell to Windows NT)
    • Major server upgrades
  • Interviewing, hiring, performance evaluations, and personnel actions

Training (Back)

  • End User Workshops - Designed and taught in-service workshops in these areas
    • Introduction to Networks
    • E-mail
    • Internet Browsing and Searching
  • SASIxp - Designed and taught in-service workshops
    • SASIxp for teachers, administrators, and support staff
    • CLASSROOMxp for teachers, administrators and support staff
    • SASIxp Administrator for system administrators
  • Writing Technology Plans - Workshop for high tech industry volunteers and SCCOE (Santa Clara Country Office of Education) representatives
  • Mentoring a Teacher - Workshop for high tech industry volunteers
  • How to Implement a Net Day Project - Speaker at Federal DOE seminar for educators and CUE Conference
  • Network Wiring - Trained Net Day volunteers in network wiring including
    • IDF wiring
    • Cable termination
    • Installing Ethernet cards
    • Configuring network software
  • Web Site Development Using PHP - Workshop for Educational Network Managers User Group, SCCOE
  • Wired For Good Initiative, technology planning for non-profits
    • Servers and Desktops
    • Network Services
    • Technology Plan reviewer training

System Architecture and Design (Back)

  • Detailed working knowledge of Macintosh Classic and OS X, Windows 9x/ME and Windows NT/2000/xp/2003
  • Developed and analyzed benchmarks for Intel-based workstations, servers and networks
  • Designed network resource management for a distributed real time system
  • Designed protocol for remote procedure call primitives (similar to Ada Rendezvous)
  • Designed real time, distributed, multiprocessor operating system as part of design team

Software Engineering (Back)

  • Experienced with a variety of languages including C, Python, Pascal, PERL, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Assembler
  • Developed application software for Macintosh and Windows environments in C and Pascal (Microsoft PowerPoint®)
  • Wrote device drivers, including disk and network drivers
  • Implemented major portions of real time, distributed, multiprocessor operating system as part of small development team
  • Implemented network protocols

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