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Overview of Services
Tech PlanningTech Audit & Strategic Planning "Nuts & Bolts"

Intelligent Networking Multi Tiered Productivity Goal Oriented Curriculum and Training
Intelligent Planning
Ensure that your network & infrastructure support and enhances your organization's needs Ensure that the tools & processes you select enhance both your organization's mission and your user's workflow Ensure that training& curriculum solutions support and enhance your organization's mission.
Technology Audit and Strategic Planning (Back to Top)
  • Facilitate needs assessment
  • Set technology objectives
  • Conduct facilities assessment
  • Review existing plans
  • Develop phasing plans
  • Establish HW & SW requirements
  • Assess vendors
  • Assess productivity tool needs at both organization level and individual worker level
  • Establish SW requirements
  • Asses vendors
  • Assess training readiness and needs
  • Evaluate canned vs. custom training solutions
  • Evaluate learning styles for most effective training
  • Develop/recommend skill assessment instruments
  • Develop training alternatives to meet varied needs
  • Assess infrastructure needs
  • Assess current infrastructure
  • Assess documentation and communication with users
  • Provide recommendations for growth, corrective actions
  • Assess organization needs
  • Assess current software tools and how they are used
  • Assess documentation and communication with users
  • Provide recommendations for growth, corrective actions
  • Assess current training methods, venues, vendors
  • Assess documentation accessibility and usability
  • Assess user skill levels as compared to required skills for the job
  • Provide recommendations
Nuts & Bolts Services (Back to Top)

SASIxp — District integration, planning, implementation; System installation and backup; Updates and patches; Data conversions, import, export; Date periodic maintenance and cleanup; Data integration with other systems; Custom fields, files, queries, reports; New Year Rollover;

Internet & Intranet — Install, configure and support Domain Name Service, Routers, Firewalls, Web Servers, File Servers, Mail Services, and Backup solutions

User Workstations — Configure Macintoshes or Windows operating environments

File Servers — Install, configure and support Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Macintosh, Novell file servers

Local Area Networks — Segment large networks, Design & configure on-campus routing, Troubleshoot existing networks, Plan for growth, Assess vendors, Design and support wireless networks

Wide Area Networks — Support off-site connectivity, Troubleshoot existing networks, Review WAN design, Assess vendors

Remote Access — Plan for off-site access to on-site resources & services by remote and mobile users, Implement off-site access

User Workstations — Install and configure user workstations with selected software packages (e.g. MS Office, E-Mail, Web Browsers, Design tools, Database tools); Document standard user configurations for easy maintenance

ASP Solutions — Vendor surveys and analysis of Application Service Providers for targeted data management needs; Assist with deployment and training of ASP solutions

FileMaker Pro™ Database Development — Database design and implementation; Database web access; Provide end user training; Provide database documentation; Assist with deployment and training of 3rd party solutions

Web Site Analysis — Assess Intranet and Internet web site needs; Analyze current website for clarity and usability

Web Site Design Services — Provide website design and regular updates

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SASIxp — End user training, Administrator training

Technology-Curriculum Integration — Work with teachers and departments to identify viable intgegratin strategies for their grade levels or courses; Deliver focused workshops in technology-curriculum integration with an emphasis on specific solutions for specific needs

Network, Server, Workstation Maintenance — Train tech support, accidental techies, volunteers in standard configurations, backup procedures and other general troubleshooting and maintenance chores

Skill Assessment — Locate or devise appropriate assessment tools, assess constituency learning styles, analyze assessment results

Training Planning — Identify & document training options to meet variety of agency needs and individual needs and styles

Custom Training Modules — Design goal oriented custom curriculum and custom lessons using a "what do we need to do" model; Document strategy and lessons; Deliver lessons to meet identified needs — classroom style, discussion group style, one-on-one

Train the Trainer — To achieve self-sufficiency identify peer mentors, in-house experts, potential experts; Train in-house personnel on both content and delivery; Provide on-going support

End User Training — Deliver custom end user lessons; Provide training in well-defined topics, e.g. Basic Troubleshooting, Network Ethics, E-mail Use and Etiquette, Browsing and Searching the Internet

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