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Harris re-joins Hospice of the Valley Board of Director. Chairs Finance Committee.


Sharon joins Services For Brain Injury Board of Directors for a 1-year term based on her work on the Techcnology Committee


Sharon serves for 2 years on Services For Brain Injury Technology Committee based on her reputation in the technology field within the non-profit community.


Sharon is a major contributor to the Wired For Good book based on the Wired For Good program principles, by Joni Podolsky and published by Jossey-Bass. Her contribution is Part 3, "Developing Your Technology Plan."


Harris joins the Hospice of the Valley Board of Directors for two terms based on his reputation in the technology field within the non-profit community.


Sharon Meyers joins NPC to provide services in needs analysis, technology planning, curriculum integration, and staff development. She also brings FileMaker Pro database design and web site analysis and design services to NPC's service offerings.

Harris and Sharon both become principal participants in the Wired For Good initiative of Center for Excellence in Nonprofits, both as presenters and in charge of managing the technology plan review process. Harris presents workshops in Technology Planning, Network Design and NEtwork Services, and is a key technology plan reviewer. Sharon presents workshops in Business Process Analysis and Planning, Project Management, Technology Training, and Technology Budgeting, and is a key technology plan reviewer.


Harris Meyers founds NPC consulting to provide consulting services to public benefit corporations and K–12 educational institutions in the areas of network and infrastructure design, deployment, configuration, and user training. He was an organizational player for Smart Valley’s NetDay while at Intel, and was an active volunteer in all Smart Valley NetDay and PCDay projects. Business expands quickly based on word-of-mouth referrals.




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