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Schools and nonprofit organizations can better realize their vision, achieve their mission and achieve their goals through appropriate use of technology, but do not always receive the best advice for their specific challenges and environments from well-intentioned individuals.

We believe in the principles of "Wired For Good" and conduct our business accordingly. Technology solutions must ultimately serve the vision, mission and goals of an organization. Otherwise, resources — time, money, manpower — invested in technology will not realize a good return for the organization.

Organizations must "own" their technology solutions. A solution "owned" by an organization is a solution that will be implemented. Therefore, organizations need to be active participants in making solution decisions.

Organizations should have access to affordable, appropriate, and timely advice from professionals who do not have a vested interest in particular products or services.

We frequently recommend products and services to our clients. So that our recommendations can be trusted, and made with complete impunity, we will not "rep" any products or services. All our recommendations must be made with a clear conscience and with no hidden obligations or agendas.

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NPC is a privately owned consulting company established to help K–12 schools and Nonprofit Organizations get the most they can out of their technology dollars. Our business is dedicated to working with you to make the best use of the technology you already have, leverage your technology purchasing power, and provide technology solutions that best match your vision, mission and goals.

We strive to make our Philosophy a reality with every project we undertake. We do not recommend solutions without first making every effort to understand our client's needs and environment. We seek to become working partners with clients in making technology solution decisions.

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Fee Structure

Our fees are structured to be affordable for often cash-strapped organizations. First-contact meetings are always free of charge; when more than one meeting is needed to understand a prospective client's needs, these additional meetings are also typically free of charge.

We work exclusively on a time-and-material basis. Our base rate is $90/hour. After the first 10 hours of work with a new client, we reduce the rate to $72/hour.

Please e-mail us at or phone us at 408-260-2742 to open a discussion about your technology problems and needs.

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