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How can an "outsider" understand our needs?


Many can’t. But, NPC Consulting is not an “outsider.” We have had a long active association with notable and highly successful technology initiatives, including Net Days 1, 2, and 3, Digital High School, PC Day, and the Center for Excellence in Non-Profit’s “ “Wired For Good” program.

Further, NPC Consulting staff have taught in the classroom, worked in school administration, served on non-profit boards, and done extensive volunteer work in both schools and non-profits.

Because NPC Consulting chose to specialize on K–12 Education and Non-Profit technology needs, we have made it our business to understand the needs, environments and constraints of these two communities. And, we have been doing this since 1995.

NPC Consulting prides itself on taking the time to understand your current environment and personnel, as well as your goals. With this information, we can recommend, develop and/or implement a custom solution rather than selling you a cookie-cutter solution.

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